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Here is a lay persons take on the 10 Commandments and the stupidity in the accusation that God is really cruel by expecting us to follow his 10 Commandments.




I am the Lord God, don’t make any new gods.

Wow!!! This is a tough one. Don’t invent another god.  How hard is this???  Are you kidding me?  This is hard?

Don’t take God’s name in a disrespectful way.

Another tough commandment!  If you get the urge to use God’s name improperly, keep your mouth shut.  You think this is too hard to do.

Go to church on Sunday and praise God.

You claim you want to spend every second for eternity with God after you die when you don’t have anything better to do, but while still on earth you can’t spend an hour singing some songs and thanking God for everything He gives us.  You would think that church on Sunday included kneeling on broken glass and nails for 8 hours.  Another though commandment!  Get real!!!!!

Honor your father and mother.

This commandment says we should show respect for our parents.  This does not mean that we have to allow parents (they are human and have faults like us!!!) to force us to be bossed around, be doormats, put up with abusive treatment.  This commandment just says show respect for their choice to bring you into this world because they sacrificed a lot for 18 years and respect their position.  That’s it.  Will this kill you to TRY to do?

Don’t kill.

Can you get through the day without killing someone or punching them out? 

Don’t commit adultery.

This is an interesting commandment.  God is saying don’t have sex outside of marriage so you don’t create broken homes for kids out of wedlock where you will have to pay child support for 18 years or you will have to bring up some guys kid for 18 years that you hate for getting you pregnant.  You also won’t get AIDS, STDs, Such a cruel God?????????

Instead, this cruel God creates the Sacrament of Matrimony which helps you get to Heaven by doing very unpleasant stuff like having sex with your partner anytime you want until you die, having a loving partner to keep you company for the rest of your life, and doing anything together you want that doesn’t violate another of the very difficult commandments mentioned so far or ones noted after this one.

Don’t steal.

Ok this one is so not hard its ridiculous to say its hard.  This commandment says don’t take my crap and I won’t worry that you will take mine and we will both stay out of jail.  Gee, God helps you stay out of jail and keep your property, and you think he’s too tough on you.

          Don’t bear false witness.

Now this could be a killer?  This commandment says if you can’t say something nice about somebody, keep your mouth shut.  That’s hard?  Keeping your mouth shut?  God’s not asking you to climb Mt Everest in the winter using your tong.


Don’t covet another’s wife.

What is hard or unfair about this one.  Do you want someone to desire, lust, or have sex with your wife (or husband)?  Well then, don’t do the same.  Don’t be a baby and whine about this one.  Besides, lust is a no gainer except for feeling bad not having what you think you want.  Lust is a sin that has no up side.  You don’t get anything pleasurable from lust.  Lust just makes you feel bad not getting what you think you want.  Nothing to enjoy here and you commit a sin.  You also could get your head blown off if you have sex with someone else’s spouse?  Sometimes you could get the same by just looking wrong at her or him?  I guess nobody learned anything from the movie “Fatal Attraction”.

Don’t covet another’s stuff.

Another hard commandment?  This commandment essentially says not to desire another man’ junk.  Also, consider the fact that most people don’t care about stuff after they get it so why commit a sin just desiring it.  Another sin with no upside pleasure.

God has made it so easy for us to get to heaven only man can screw it up.  Satan doesn’t help.  Say the Rosary, go to Confession, keep God’s Commandments and Satan can’t hurt you.

Another matter is the Sacrament of Confession.

God gave us the 10 Commandments.  Continuing the sarcasm that people have an excuse to think that God is cruel to us, consider Confession.  In a way, Confession can be interpreted that God expects us to disappoint Him by sinning  by not keeping the 10 Commandments so He invents a way for us to still get to heaven even though we sin.  He accomplishes this by His forgiving our sins through the Sacrament of Confession.

He requires us to use Confession, which takes about 180 seconds, and we need to be sorry for sinning.  That’s it.  We need to be sorry.  That all.  Are you beginning to finally realize how nuts the idea is that God is cruel to us.  He couldn’t make it much easier.  And if you consider He died on the Cross so He could forgive our sins, do you still think God is the cruel one or YOU.


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