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It’s that time of the year when all I hear is how much the retailers aren’t making this year and we need to go out and spend money we don’t have in stores that use the word “Xmas” and insult God. Do retailers think God was born 2000 years ago so they can sell crap to everybody on God’s birthday?

Christmas for some people, is now essentially a pagan holiday. Too much interest is in material junk, and little if any to God. And the government refuses to allow Holiday decorations like Nativity scenes on their property.  No, we don’t need separation of Church and State.  But if we do, then all American flags should be removed from Churches  and personal property. And civics and government classes should be removed from Catholic schools.  And the pledge of allegiance will be to God not the State.  All I get from the State are taxes.  I get salvation and forgiveness from God and every thing else that is good. So Mr. Government person Who do you think I support?  One clue, it’s not you.

Its time to stop the mindless spending and praise Jesus the Baby who will save Us.  We don’t need to save greedy retailers trying to get rich but paying their help $7/hour with no benefits. Its time to stop building retail stores and build manufacturing like we used to do.

Christmas is God’s gift to us, his Son, not Chinese imports from a country that is atheist. We don’t need  presents sold by people who could care less about God. And that includes the retailers.

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