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Why doesn't God reveal Himself to us?

Because He is infinite and we can't understand an infinite person. We must go on faith instead.  We are idiots if we only accept what our tiny minds can understand.  We can’t understand gravity, size of the Universe, physics, chemistry, biology, We only have learned to work with them.  Who made and determined this stuff?  Nature, a blind dead force in the Universe?  Yea, right.  God’s work is everywhere yet we can’t see it as the work of God.  We know God would never deceive us so we can believe what we can't understand.

How do we get close to God?

We exist in some continuum where we are somewhere between perfect union with God or we are completely unconnected to God.  Doing what God wants us to do brings us closer to union with Him.

Is there anything hidden about the 10 Commandments?

Yes.  What we don't seem to recognize is that if we followed God's word perfectly, our life on earth would approach being like Heaven but without God visible.  Following God's Commandments would not only make our lives on earth like being in Heaven, but also would prepare us to be accepted into Heaven.  When we don't follow God's Law, we actually make our existence on earth terrible.  This is Satan's lie. We think that if we do more against God, we will be happier with worldly stuff.  This is Satan's lie and we believe it. Our sin creates our problems for us and we can’t see it.

If you don’t get it, consider this................
If God was worshiped above all material things, if we treated every other person as well as we treat ourselves, if you kept procreation within marriage, rejected divorce, if we didn’t lie, steal, lust, cheat, kill, hate, covet, what kind of world would it be?  Get it now?

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