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Crucified again and again?

I have wondered for a while why Jesus is killed again and again at every Mass in an unbloody manner.  This is the teaching of the Church.  Does this mean that Jesus suffers  at every Mass as He did on Calvery?

This is an interesting question because why does Jesus actually need to die again at every Mass instead of being just sacrificed in a symbolic manner.  And does Jesus arise from the dead again?  In some sense, He must.

A possible answer may be that because of all the sin committed day after day in this world, Jesus must continue to suffer in order to forgive the huge weight of sin on Jesus.  In other words, one Crucifiction is not enough when the world simply doesn’t even listen when in Church to the teaching to stop sinning and a relatively low number of sinners actual go to the Sacrement of Penance, anyway. Its like nobody cares that Chirst dies again for us and we don’t even take advantage of being able to get our sins forgiven. Its like Jesus dies and suffers for nothing.

Whether any of these questions and answers are true, I don’t know for sure.  But the next time we sin maybe we should consider that we may make Jesus suffer again and again because of our sins.

Something to ponder!

But there is another reason or possibility to Jesus’s need to die again and again.

Jesus said that unless we eat His flesh and drink His blood, we can’t get into Heaven.  So how do we do that?  The words flesh and blood aren’t ambiguous.  The answer is Communion by Host and Wine which are the appearances of Jesus’s Body and Blood.  To get flesh and blood you have to have a real sacrifice.  Therefore, the Crucifiction during the Mass makes sense in more than one way.  During the Mass which is the sacrifice of Jesus, we get His Body and Blood to get us to Heaven.


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